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O chic handbag - O bag USA
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Buy the O chic handbag online from the official USA O bag website. The O chic is a more refined and as the name suggests, chic, handbag design in the O bag range and comes with its own special trims and accessories.

The O chic handbag (O bag chic) is a beautifully simple, practical and modern handbag and all the existing O bag handles will fit the O chic with various colors and materials. Ideally suits short handles. There's also optional accessories such as internal zip-up bags and trims.

The O chic body is made from a tactile material called EVA foam rubber (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is also waterproof, lightweight and resilient. The body is warm, soft and flexible yet stands upright on its flat base.

Both in the USA and globally, the aim of the O bag brand is to give our customers greater freedom and means to express themselves through fashion by offering accessory choices at an affordable price. The variety available enables you to create your own bag and change accessories to suit you needs on the day. The cult following the O bag has developed is down to this unique matching of form, function and choice.

Dimensions: O chic Large: Height 14" (36cm), width 12" (31cm), depth 5.3" (13.5cm). O chic Small: Height 13" (33cm), width 11" (28cm), depth 5.1" (13cm).