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O clock great watches are NEW for winter 2015/16 and are larger than all other standard O clock watches, ideal as men's watches; but are unisex. Mix and match the great dials with great straps in numerous colors. Simply pop out the dial and swap to an alternative strap color.

You can mash-up hundreds of color combinations to make your O clock great watch personal and exclusive. We sell the current range of O clock great watch with delivery throughout The USA. Further colors and designs will be launched in future seasons.

IMPORTANT NOTE: O clock great dials and great straps are NOT interchangeable with our O clock classic dials and straps. They are different sizes.

O clock watches are perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and aesthetic design. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, they can be worn loose like a bracelet or with a tighter fit.

Choose a pre-assembled O clock great watch, or make your own - buy a few dials and a few straps; swap around to suit your style, clothes or mood on the day.

O clock great watches have comfortable stretch-silicone straps, analogue dials and quartz Citizen movements. Great dial diameter 1.3" (34mm), strap bezel outer diameter 1.53" (39mm).