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  • Buy O bags online in the United States from the official O bag USA online retailer, we're based in Florida and with shipping throughout The USA.
  • The O bag is the core product from which the O bag brand takes its name. With so many colors, styles and accessories you can create your own unique handbag for any occasion.
  • With a shell made from EVA foam rubber (ethylene vinyl acetate), the O bag is soft, resilient, waterproof, lightweight and tactile.
  • O bags are available to buy online in The USA in an ever-expanding range of styles and colors - the O bag classic, mini, O chic, O basket, O pocket and more.
  • New O bag handbag styles are designed each year and made available in the United States and globally; all with their own specific accessories.
  • Many colors are available all year round with certain tones being seasonal exclusives.
  • Pick and choose from an ever-growing range of interchangeable O bag handles in genuine leather, faux leather, suede, vinyl and rope.
  • For additional security and style, you can accessorise your O bag with zipped inserts in a range of standard and seasonal patterns and materials.
  • You can mix and match body colors, handles, trims and inserts to build your own unique O bag handbag to suit your style, mood, taste, the weather or the occasion.
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