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O bag classic

O bag classic Italian handbag by O bag
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Buy the O bag classic online from the official USA O bag website. The popular and wonderfully versatile classic O bag was designed and created in Italy in 2010 with new colors and accessories released each year.

The variety of O bags and accessories now available direct in the US gives you the opportunity to create your own O bag. The aim of the O bag brand is to give our customers greater freedom and means to express themselves through fashion by offering many choices in accessories at an affordable price. The cult following the O bag has developed in Italy and abroad is down to this unique matching of form, function and choice.

Through our fast growing network of USA O bag brand stores and online, we sell a wide range of O bag body colors, handles in various colors, lengths and materials and optional accessories such as internal zip-up bags and trims in faux fur, cotton and wool. With such a wide choice of accessories, you may never meet someone with the same O bag classic as yours!

The shell of the O bag is made from a tactile material called EVA foam rubber (ethylene vinyl acetate), which makes the O bag soft, waterproof, lightweight and resilient.

Decorate and accessorise your O bag with Charms, Tassels and Pouches